Chiropractic Science

Below are some of my favorite science journal articles showing the effectiveness and safety of chiropractic:

Low Back Pain

  • A 2019 review study by the British Medical Journal reports that chiropractic should be considered a first-line therapy for treating low back pain.

  • The Journal of The American Medical Association reports that chiropractic successfully treats acute low back pain with little potential for harm. The above link is for the full article.

  • A study from Spine Journal, a very prestigious medical journal. Finds that chiropractic is great at treating low back pain and neck pain for acute and chronic conditions. Compares chiropractic care to placebo, physical therapy and exercises. In all cases finds chiropractic care to be superior.

  • A 2018 review article published in Spine Journal declares chiropractic to be both safe and effective at treating low back pain.

  • Another study from Spine Journal. A double blind study showing that chiropractic is more effective than drugs when treating acute low back pain.

  • Astudy from Europe showing that chiropractic is better at treating chronic low back pain than physical therapy or exercise. These scientists recommend chiropractic as the best conservative treatment for low back pain.

  • This study shows that chiropractic is superior to physical therapy or exercises when treating both short term and long term cases of chronic low back pain.


  • Chiropractic is effective at treating sciatica, even when other medical interventions have failed.

Disc Hernia


  • Chiropractic, combined with massage, is great at treating migraine headaches!

  • Chiropractic works better than exercise and mobilization to treat chronic headaches.

  • Patients receiving chiropractic for chronic headaches have increased quality of life. A randomized controlled trial.

Neck Pain

  • The British Medical Journal declares that chiropractic is better at treating neck pain, and at a lower cost, than physical therapy or traditional medicine.

  • Chiropractic is better at treating chronic neck pain than massage alone!

  • According to medical doctors chiropractic is better at treating neck pain than either physical therpay or medical interventions.

  • Medical doctors recommend chiropractic for the treatment of chronic neck pain.

Cervical Radiculopathy (nerve pain traveling down the arm from the neck)

  • Chiropractic therapy reduces symptoms of cervical radiculopathy (including pain) in patients with worsening symptoms. A review journal article.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


  • A study demonstrating the effectiveness of chiropractic in treating scoliosis.

  • Chiropractic rehabilitation provides an average correction of 12.75o in adolescent patients with idiopathic scoliosis.

Healing without surgery

  • Chiropractic reduces the need for low back surgery (allot!).

Athletic Performance

  • A single session of chiropractic care increased muscle strength for at least 30 min. post-adjustment. This study only tested athletes.

  • Double blind study in Spine Journal. Increased shoulder muscle strength using chiropractic techniques.

Pain Sensitivity

  • Sensitivity to pain decreases after chiropractic treatment.

  • Neuroscientists discover the mechanism of action for chiropractics ability to lower sensitivity to pain. Published in the very prestigious journal Neuroscience.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Consumer Reports lists chiropractic as the favorite method for treating low back pain among consumers. Chiropractic patients reported better overall satisfaction than acupuncture, physical therapy, or patients treated with medicine.

  • Patients under chiropractic care report an increase in well-being and/or a decrease in symptoms.


  • Chiropractic is safe.

  • Scientists show that the biomechanical forces introduced by a chiropractic adjustment are safe.

  • Neurosurgeons also declare chiropractic to be safe. An open access (you can read it for free!) review study.