Chris Beckman, DC MS

Dr. Beckman graduated from LifeWest Chiropractic College in 2006. Earlier, he earned a Bachelor's of Science in psychology and a Master's of Science in pharmacology both at Northeastern University in Boston. Between degrees, Dr. Beckman taught human anatomy and neuroanatomy to Physical Therapy Masters students for ten years. After earning a Masters degree he worked as a neuroscientist for the drug industry before doing a 180 and becoming a chiropractor. Having earned his doctorate in chiropractic Dr. Beckman moved to Latin America with his wife. Together, they worked in chiropractic clinics in Costa Rica and Peru.

Dr. Beckman's practice focuses on sports chiropractic, repetitive strain injuries, postural improvement and family care. Most chiropractors use a variety of styles, or techniques, when treating people. Dr. Beckman combines diversified chiropractic, active muscle release, trigger point therapy, sacral occipital technique and physiotherapy. In this way he can treat the muscles, the joints and the whole person. All patients are also taught at home stretches and exercises tailor made for them.


Sandra Denzler

Alexandra (Sandy) Denzler was born and raised in the southern town of Bad Buchau, famous for their natural healing mineral baths and rehabilitation clinics.

Growing up in the epicenter of European health and fitness influenced Alexandra‘s interest in the field of massage therapy. She started her studies by attending the Freiburg School of Massage. After 2600 hours of intense training Alexandra applied and was accepted to intern at a clinic for rheumatology and orthopedics. Here, she practiced Classic Massage, Bindegeweb {Connective Tissue} Massage, Electrical Stimulation Therapy and Hydrotherapy.

In 1992, she completed her 3900 hours of clinic practice and received her state license as a Certified Massage Therapist and Spa Attendant. She was then hired to work at the clinic where she interned.

In 2006, Alexandra returned for more formal education. This time she schooled at the Ulm College for Massage and Physical Therapy. Upon completion of her study she became licensed as a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. In December 200, Alexandra, her husband, and 15 year old daughter immigrated to California.

Once established in California, Alexandra discovered that the techniques she studied and trained for in Germany were just becoming a part of American health consciousness. Alexandra strongly believes that the different kinds of massage techniques can activate the natural self-healing process of the body. Furthermore, she believes it is the application of these techniques that enable the body to actually heal faster and prevent further injury or pain.

The first time you meet Alexandra she will inquire about your condition and then discuss with you a plan that will work to enable you body to repair. She works hand in hand with the Chiropractic Doctor to achieve the optimal results.

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