If you are at a care wash and a nice doctor offers you a free evaluation, take it and don't let go.  That is how I came upon Dr. Chris Beckman and it has been a life-changer.  I have movement where once there was none. Perhaps one of the best things about Dr. Beckman besides his gift for healing, is that he actually teaches you how to treat different ailments.

If you are athletic, he's the doctor for you.
-Diana S.


I never knew that a chiropractor could get me back to feeling like walking & exercising.  Because of my injuries to my back, if I did much activities I'd pay for it with 2 or 3 days of pain.  My Dr. is Chris Beckman.  He's been great in making sure that my whole body in working pain free.  After always getting massages, I'd rather have an adjustment. The comfortable feeling lasts longer.

-Manuel N.


Doesn't get much better than this.

What I really love about village chiropractic is the easy atmosphere.   It is a cozy and comfortable space without that doctors office feeling. You won't find any odd instruments or machines that send disruptive electrical pulses through your body. Just hands. It is also a very family oriented and open environment. Village Chiropractic is ran both by Chris and his wife Heidi.  Both extremely friendly and really just awesome people. They have a lot to share and I learn more about them every time I go (once a week).   Really makes me feel comfortable that they're open to sharing their lives.   You can also schedule massage and as far as I know there are a few options as to whom you have massage you. Again, this is great because you can find the massage practitioner that you fit with best. I had originally started going because my partner was going.   After I saw her positive results I was convinced I needed to go since I was suffering from some mild but at times painful back and neck pains which have disappeared.  I've noticed an increased flexibility in my neck and overall feel much better.   I also discovered that I have a broken back from a bicycling accident a year or so ago that I never had anyone look at. This is what could have been leading to my lower back pain which no longer exists to a noticeable degree thanks to Chris.   

-Zeth K.